I’m going to be bereft;

It’s the last day and events of Hashtag Class this Saturday 20th March

But really though, I’m not sad because this last month has been a real eye opener. The fact that so many events and discussions took place – with the all important aspect of participation via the internet – questions raised could be addressed via twitter, sending to the discussion panels or being worked into the conversation by William Powhida or Jen Dalton. Including a-while-it-was-happening twitter response, with Man Bartlett’s Balloon Burst as a work in progress.


Friday’s discussions were (I thought) particularly good covering Ben Davis 9.5 Thesis on Art and Class very much worthy of a really good listen and I will refer back to this in later posts. You can see his thesis  here on the hashtag blog.

And a very focused look at Conceptualism, at the time I tuned I was thinking ohhh! food for thought – by the time I had finished I had taken on things that hadn’t occurred to me and things which I very much disagreed with. Overall a worthwhile listen, although surprisingly (maybe not for Friday night/evening) there were not many online interactions.

Thursday night also had a very nailed talk on Social Media as a Flattening Agent, to the point and briskly delivered by Zachary Adam Cohen who (coming across on twitter anyway) seeming a switched on and opinionated kind of guy (in a good way) even if you disagree! with a good look at social media and its true relevance in our economic and social evolution. Again will get back to this if I get chance later, but visit his blog here – you will get the idea – worth a look!.

But for now anyway I wait for Saturday’s events and the final Rant !

And will leave you with this a review of the project in the New York Times today


NY Times

Which, irrespective of whether a review was on the cards because ‘this artist was doing that’ or a couple of influential peeps were popping by. Reads pretty accurately what was going down with a very special event.

More on Sunday……