But first a note on the streaming from #class


I was gutted to find that I was going to miss An Xiao’s discussion; Art and The Straight White Male (see #class blog) tonight cos of a birthday dinner 5 hour + UK time. Really, really, really would have liked to have heard that discussion because gender, and class and all things related are my reson d’etre, in my art and general day to day.


With this in mind, and what with people in the #class tweets etc., saying things like – I missed this or that – I decided to have a go at recording some of the events and posting here. I plan to have a go at recording An Xiao – hope it works this time because I tried for my own event and the thing crashed while I was  loading; so I lost it…. boo!.

Anyway will have another go and if anyone wants to give me a heads up on events they like/think they might miss – I can try and do the same; dm me @wendyhan me or write here. The quality will be the same as the ustream I receive complete with crowded voice noise and breaks occasionally – but in general the discussions and performances come over not brilliantly, but fairly clear.


This is a back-up thing cos I think maybe the hashtagers are getting the stream set up into ‘watch again’ mode as we speak. But I will have a go at this anyway.




I did catch Nic Rad’s Celebritist Manifesto last night; was a bit of a squeeze, cos was sort of getting ready for zzzzzz’s around then but really glad I did!! . Now being stuck in the sticks, in Nottingham albeit on the main train route to London ie; not being in New York (I guess is the reason) I hadn’t heard of him before this #class project.

Nic rad about


I found a copy of the performance for the event on his website, in advance (don’t look! yet) – I tried not to look at it – well just a sneaky peek – because I wanted to engage when the work was performed live……


And the info upfront thing never does it for me with art;  similar to when you go into a gallery and there is a pre- brief, if you like, by the artist in which you are made to, or feel obliged to digest before you actually engage with the work. Very much on my mind because a friend mentioned an exhibition with just such a take on engagement at Nottingham Contemporary at the moment (Star City a collaboration with, amongst others a Jane and Louise Wilson DVD from 303 Gallery) looking at the 60’s space race and eastern bloc related art, apparently the Wilsons’ piece was the only part that stood on its own without the necessity of explanation.


And this was a performance, so although the written manifesto does stand on its own, I resisted looking anymore and waited.

Was worth it ! got so much more from hearing the dynamic poetic delivery of the piece by the artist ……

So, what can I say I don’t want to spoil the liveness of this performance by linking to the written word, and commenting on it because with something like this you really have to see it and engage with yourself. But thinking about it people like Michael Horowitz and the like, printed and shared around at some point to communicate…. so here is, Celebritist Manifesto.

Nick rad manifesto

But I do recommend live! (even if my take was via web cam)

NB; Yeay!!! Nic just posted his audio link here; Celebritist Manifesto Audio

Will post on more events in a couple of days….. stay tuned!