HA!! Missed the Show!!


Dang ! I know this already!. Measure twice cut once. Huge note to self; don’t cut it fine with venue times – check the times and turn up!!

I did most of these but in the wrong order ; in other words I missed the fashion show at Gatecrasher which has now taken place this Saturday – Along with Nottingham Makers it included Future Retro and was part of the wider annual Hockley Hustle festival held in 30 venues around Nottingham over the weekend.

But I did get to speak with the people involved…. and more importantly with Chloe the organiser, who, very kindly is supplying me with video footage of the actual event. Ironically I was already geared up for taking some myself – having just acquired a new Canon IXUS  – which I was lovingly admiring an hour before, as I read the online manual on how-to-use-my-ixy-in-night-club-lighting. So I’m not blaming myself for reading the manual too late – but for just NOT BEING PREPARED IN TIME tut!!
More to follow….



The mini survey I mentioned a couple of posts ago in Top Ranking; to find art and artist stereotype clichés is well under way.

The idea is due to be posted on Hrag Vartanian’s tumblelog when he very kindly came to the rescue as my twitter data collecting gathered momentum, (errrrm – came in considerably quicker than my twitter gathering skills could handle).

The idea goes pretty much like this:


Calling All Artists (or not!) for #Rank !!

This is the email I received from artist Jennifer Dalton and William Powhida a few weeks ago:

#Rank Miami is taking place during the Miami art fairs this December 1-4.
Building on the ideas and energy of the #Class events last winter (if
you don’t know what we’re talking about see
http://www.hashtagclass.com/class/class-statement/), we will host three
days of non-gala events, non-curated performances and non-hierarchical
discussions on the topic of the class structures of the art world, with
a super-special focus on the art fair experience. Events will be held at
Ed Winkleman’s space at SEVEN, in the Wynwood district of Miami (more
info at seven-miami.blogspot.com). #Rank Miami will be just three short
days, but we’re going to cram as much art fair antimatter in there as

So with the general idea of #Rank in mind I decided to ask as many as possible to participate by giving ideas of art stereotypes:

We hear them all the time, but we are so used to them (or irritated by them!) that maybe we switch off. But as long as they are still doing the rounds, does the perception keep re-kindling the myth? – or is it really true?!

This is a mini survey gathering people’s top 3 (or the ones that spring to mind) art/artist stereotype clichés.

These will then be pooled and used in a tally mark-up to gain an anecdotal idea of the relevance of these during #Rank:

I’m thinking that they will go towards a chalk-up where Jennifer Dalton and William Powhida will chalk the stereotype keywords gathered and attendees at the gallery space will be asked to *vote* by adding a tally to each keyword, as they perceive. In order of relevance, semi relevance or obsolete.

The diagram below shows roughly how it should work;

Stereotype                                      Relevant           Semi relevant     Obsolete

Depressed & broke Schmuck           1111                 111                   11
Dreamer, out of touch with reality      111                  1111                  1111

                                                                              1                       1111

Hopefully this will put paid to the duff ones and shed some anecdotal evidence as to the ones that still bane our lives and are true!?!

Either way this can’t be done without your thoughts !!

Send Away ……..!

email     me  : Debbie.ainscoe@gmail.com (Email Subject #Rank Survey)

Twitter   me  : @wendyhan

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