With the weekend over (it was my birthday btw !) and with Monday’s postal delivery in the offing I was soooo made-up to receive these prints from artist Man Bartlett.

I spotted Man’s prints a while back when #Class first kicked off in February 2010. Their new project #Rank Miami is also in the offing – and if you haven’t already noticed I’m mentioning this event ever so slightly A LOT; check out the site this time being held at Miami Art Fair 1st-5th December. And Man Bartlett is starting off the whole caboodle on Wednesday 1st with a piece called Measure, I think he mentioned that his recent exhibition within # The Socialgraph event; a two part piece culminating at the end of November, Kith and Kin is somewhat related. #24hKith, the second part, is taking place from 7pm 26th -7pm 27th EST and involves live stream participation

NB: (an after the event update) : A vimeo of stills as it happened.

But here is the detail from the #Rank Miami calendar:

“Measure.” Acting as the Absurd Tailor, Man Bartlett will take measurements of fair-goers and relate them to the measurements of the art for sale at SEVEN and other fairs. Based on actual and imagined relationships, the artist will draw conclusions about which work is best suited (or not) for the potential buyers.


It was though back in February, that I noticed he was doing a series of artist prints each month from a block print. And, as they are right up my street art-wise I signed up for a 12 month set.

I waited patiently (no read impatiently!) for a more economical sort-of-bulk-delivery-style (makes more sense shipping from US to UK)  and they arrived this morning!!

Man Bartlett prints 007

Man Bartlett prints 008
Ok, its my coffee table again! and not the best photos in the world! but Man Bartlett has them photographed in much better detail. And also a work in progress video on his tumblr site.

I was very pleased that I was actually able to purchase over the net like this with confidence as ; a) the prints are from a New York artist, who is quite unique and not as widely known in the UK b) receiving something potentially quite fragile and also unique through long distance mail and c) just the fact of buying into an ongoing project.

I am sure a couple of years ago, literally, without access to things like art-related networks through the net and the rich backdrop of detail that enables. And hearing of, or seeing exhibitions come and go. With groups of artists connected on-line for whatever reason be it demographics, galleries or friendships. That the opportunity to receive a piece of art in this way, would not have emerged quite the same by purely visiting an on-line site even if I had previous wider background information of the artist.

I can only really compare the experience of purchasing art in this way as similar to kind of (although not exactly like) going down to the studio, having a chat, and then one day deciding that I really liked this or that and deciding to buy.

Man bartlett prints 008

Except there were squillions of miles in-between! It was all done on the net….
and of course not forgetting Good Old Postie!!

Back next Thursday 2nd December Oh ! and it will be 24 hours into #Rank Miami!
#Rank Miami with Winkleman Gallery

at Seven 


* Pierogi Gallery
* Hales Gallery
* Ronald Feldman Fine Arts
*BravinLee programs
* Postmasters Gallery
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