A Response to @Platea’s Project VIII Treeblogging

An online art project from January 10th 2011

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Specifically linked to the Treeblogging Trunk idea via Christi Nielsen with her sound scape Zoo Factory and Clockity’s Fallen, tree as broken image………..while simultaneously liked to Christi Nielsen’s response to Fallen with her Flow image


The Green Man

Rooted witnesses over time. They cannot move but can absorb and shelter. Indicate the seasons and the fickle weather. They can offer fruit, nuts, oil and sap. Mapping their history within their bark, on and in lands built-over, or forgotten, absorbed by sea, or mined in carbon compression. Their Universal imagery is recognisable, consoling and uniting. A symbolic veteran which has been used and misused. Bearer of swift fire and misfortune of habitat. A robust indicator of secret and hidden water.

He is still here, in many forms, a silent witness documenting our existence, in labyrinth.




Back next Thursday 20th

With a close-perspective look at BAS7 as it leaves Nottingham on its way to London Glasgow and Plymouth

And more thoughts on #Rank with the help of extra documentation from Kianga Ellis’ YouTube clips, taken-as-it-happened.