Hyperallergic’s Discussion on Tumblr, Social Media Platforms and Art

This is well worth a listen.

Hyperallergic’s discussion held Saturday 9th March in Brooklyn streamed via the link below.

Running at 2 hours 30min – is something to perhaps take in short bites. On the subject of art and the use of new communication technology platforms. The views may, on the surface sometimes seem to be going over ‘things we had already thought about’. The overall picture though, is far from that!.     


“Hyperallergic and Tumblr have joined forces to present “The World’s First Tumblr Art Symposium.” This project, which is part discussion and part exhibition, explores the fast-evolving artistic landscape of Tumblr, one of the world’s leading social media and blogging platforms. “Over the last few years, artists have been gravitating to Tumblr as an open and welcoming platform for artists and the art community,” says Hrag Vartanian, editor-in-chief of the Brooklyn-based art blogazine Hyperallergic. “The types of art projects being created on Tumblr are diverse and growing by the day, so we felt it was time to have a discussion about the art community on Tumblr and how they are impacting art making today.” “This is an exciting context for art on Tumblr,” says Tumblr Arts Evangelist Annie Werner. “What was once floating out into the ether is now constructed in an official, curatorial format. It’s an amazing experience for artists using the platform as a medium — we hope to see only more of it.” The one-day event on Saturday, March 9, which coincides with Armory Arts Week in New York, will feature an exhibition and function as a forum for work to be discussed, shared, liked, uploaded, and critiqued.”


take time also to link to the essays on the subject at the bottom of this article…