Henri Matisse : Dance (1)

Compare this with the previous post Damselles D’Avignon 1907 Damselles was first published in an article about The Wild Men of Paris : Matisse, Picasso and Les Fauves. Fauves meaning wild beast, was a handy term to differentiate use of colour, from that of the impressionists fascination with light ; the Fauves used colour in saturated […]

Les Demoiselles d’Avignon

  What do you see. Sharpe angular outlines of women? flat tones, little depth for expression of shape within the ‘unfeminine’ outlines? Not a mirror image of real life for sure. Especially when portraits and figurative images had, from the beginning of 1300’s renaissance Europe, been striving for that similarity in likeness. Nature rendered as […]

Venice Biennale 2017 : Damian Hirst Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable

No cow’s (or artists) were hurt in the making of this exhibition : This, by Biennale standards was a large exhibition. And by Biennale standards a move away from the more ‘equal space for all’ approach initiated all those years ago. Its Giardini pavilions designated for each participating country and designed individually, largely on an […]

Corinna Spencer: Photo Booth Girls and the Nottingham Castle Solo Show 2015

Three years ago in June, I was on the train to Coventry going to meet Corinna Spencer. I was on my way to see the Tainted Love Exhibition, a group show installed by her, its origins derived during a discussion with some of the artists taking part. As she succinctly described in the show’s exhibition […]

New York: Art City (Part 2 Escape from New York)

  New York : On the second leg of my trip I cross the bridge from Manhattan’s Lower East Side to Williamsburg and then Bushwick. (Part 1 – Follow the Art) First published in Garageland Review Aug2014      It’s May 2014, and as a visitor to New York, during my short but fruitful stay in […]

New York: Art City (Part 1 Follow the Art)

  New York  :  On the first leg of my trip I follow the art through Central Manhattan to Chelsea and then North to Harlem. First published in Garageland Review Aug2014   View from Chelsea High Line     I visited New York. And I specifically visited New York for its art. A visit, that […]

Cradle to Grave : Plastics, Resins, Infinity and Industry

Getting the Balance Right. A few years ago I went to a discussion about sustainable fashion, one of the speakers was Katherine Hamnett. Back then the organic cotton manufacturing industry was in all sorts of conundrums about authenticity; from growing the cotton to its destination of shop rail; from training to be a designer to […]

Hyperallergic’s Discussion on Tumblr, Social Media Platforms and Art

This is well worth a listen. Hyperallergic’s discussion held Saturday 9th March in Brooklyn streamed via the link below. Running at 2 hours 30min – is something to perhaps take in short bites. On the subject of art and the use of new communication technology platforms. The views may, on the surface sometimes seem to […]

Alex Pain :: Erratics

“Erratics are boulders or rocks lifted, transported and deposited to an unfamiliar environment, far from their original location, by glacial movement”. I’d seen Alex Pain’s work earlier in the year at the opening of Two Queens new gallery space in Leicester’s Cultural Quarter. Back then I was immediately struck by his subtle use of materials, […]

Tainted Love :: Part Three

It was in early May that I first came across Tainted Love. Or rather I already knew about the exhibition while it had been in its first home at Transition Gallery in Hackney, London during the spring of 2012.But now it was June and I was on the train to Coventry to see Corinna Spencer, […]