The Edge of Expression

  For something so seemingly gentle an occupation art really does get up some peoples noses. Take the artist Owen Maseko in Zimbabwe for example, being arrested and having an exhibition closed. By all accounts the imagery was not a walk in the park, but then neither was Zimbabwe’s recent history. An artist’s reflection of […]

Never The Twain

Public Service Neutrality     I mentioned a few weeks ago that I might plan a gallery visit or two…. once the weather improves. So I have been sifting through the various heads-ups and gallery twitterings to see what’s going on.   As usual for me, the first one to catch my eye was a […]

How Do You Do What Do You Do?

Artist?; from art in the depths of the garage to Micheal Landy’s Bin   Can you remember Shazia Mirza’s brilliant comic stand up line in 2002? dressed in hajib and introducing herself in monotone voice “hello I’m Shazia Mirza – at least that’s what it says on my pilots licence” the comedic nervous shock factor […]

The Shock of The New

Susie bubble’s fashion conundrum and Chris Ofili’s creative originality.   A couple of weeks ago Susie Bubble posted a fashion conundrum she came across in this email which not surprisingly spawned over 160 comments, if only through disbelief;   Maybe I’m a little old school when it comes to fashion, but I am having a […]

O Lucky Man

  Class, Fairness and the Scope of Social Media     I am quite excited because hopefully I am going to help contribute within a month long discussion/exhibition at the Winkleman Gallery in Chelsea, New York who, with the artist curators Jennifer Dalton and Wlliam Powhida have opened its doors to artists and people to […]

Olympics Britannica

Anything that is attracting so much public expense is going to have a rough ride on its worthiness – not least The Olympics. So leaving actual efficient management, politics and spending aside – one of its detractors along the way seem to be groups who feel they are more worthy of funding ie; the arts […]

Pop Will Eat Itself

Every little helps…   Enfant Terrible was a word used to describe people like Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin during their rise into the public consciousness. For centuries there have been people in the arts ‘making waves’ or shocking the establishment, and these type of tag-names help reinforce the effect. There is, though a lot […]