The Art of Noise

The Art of Noise or rather film and sound; art with no dialogue, Douglas Gordon’s look at Zidane in his 21st Century Portrait of pure sound.   I am going to the Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam sometime at the end of August – to see their reinvention of the old building into a bigger space […]

Lives of Artists: The Graduate

    Sarah Smizz I first met Sarah through the #class project’s webby-internet tweetings and noticed she already knew the organising artists, William Powhida and many of the people involved hands on at Ed Winkleman’s in NY. Including Magda Sawon from Postmasters Gallery who did a very lively talk and discussion on running such a […]

Lives of Artists: The Artist

    Man Bartlett A few weeks ago the name Man Bartlett meant nothing to me, but that is I believe, down to my location Nottingham UK, and not New York US nor even London UK for that matter. I think location can and does count. Ok not so much in these internet driven times […]

Lives of Artists: The Curator

Louise Starkey Opposite one of Robin Hood’s favourite residence’s to rob, Nottingham Castle, sits the aptly named Castle Bar. Here was the site for Louise Starkey’s latest exhibition; Stop Robbing The Rich. I’m sure if there was any indication in the title it was the RH scenario, but aside from that they found a unique […]

Lives Of Artists

    With another #class event emerging any time soon, I have decided to take a look at the lives of a group of artists and people involved with them from very different styles and stages of their *careers*.   This will be a series of images and discussions with artists from different areas and […]

Hard Facts and Ambiguous Spaces

  (some ideas from #class)   Ok I’m bashing an idea out here; its still on the lines of how #class or similar can further forward the momentum and positive discussion outcomes achieved over what must have been an intense month of organising and doing – so whatever I’m writing here are ideas in motion […]

In With The In Crowd

(plus a wider thought on #class)     Join The Circle     On hearing of Fat Boy Slim aka Pizzaman; now very much Mr Norman Cook’s collaboration with David Byrne, I thought of previous days gone by when the then Housmartin’s tune Caravan of Love, hit the radar for himself and Paul Heaton (…can’t […]

Wide Open Space (plus more on Hashtag)

Plus Briefly Back to Hashtag Class: Market U   I will touch on this part of the hashtag event diary as it bears a lot of resemblance to things that were going on during the project and now.   Wide Open Space part 1 Market U I started listening to this via an audio recording […]

U Stream I Stream The (not so?) Final Hashtag Rant

  The Not So Final Hashtag Night (please!)     That was a very special month and it wouldn’t have happened without Jen Dalton and William Pohwida’s foresight and certainly not least for Ed Winkleman’s. There was a point midway when I saw some on-line-joke to Ed ‘how to run a successful New York gallery […]

Start of Something Good? #Class last day

    I’m going to be bereft; It’s the last day and events of Hashtag Class this Saturday 20th March But really though, I’m not sad because this last month has been a real eye opener. The fact that so many events and discussions took place – with the all important aspect of participation via […]