Lives of Artists: The Photographer

    Helen McCabe   It’s that time of year again, I remember it well – spring sort of breaks out of winter and all that you have been working towards suddenly hits like a bolt out of the blue – your show is upon you, imminent, no time left whichever way you look at […]

Lives Of Artists

    With another #class event emerging any time soon, I have decided to take a look at the lives of a group of artists and people involved with them from very different styles and stages of their *careers*.   This will be a series of images and discussions with artists from different areas and […]

O Lucky Man Part Two

Brian Duffy, belligerence and how not to take things lying down   I have had this film kicking around in my memory for a week or two now, in one of those I don’t know why but I suddenly feel inspired by the soundtrack moments, the film being O Lucky Man an early 70’s culty […]