Lives of Artists: The Artist

    Man Bartlett A few weeks ago the name Man Bartlett meant nothing to me, but that is I believe, down to my location Nottingham UK, and not New York US nor even London UK for that matter. I think location can and does count. Ok not so much in these internet driven times […]

U Stream I Stream The (not so?) Final Hashtag Rant

  The Not So Final Hashtag Night (please!)     That was a very special month and it wouldn’t have happened without Jen Dalton and William Pohwida’s foresight and certainly not least for Ed Winkleman’s. There was a point midway when I saw some on-line-joke to Ed ‘how to run a successful New York gallery […]

Start of Something Good? #Class last day

    I’m going to be bereft; It’s the last day and events of Hashtag Class this Saturday 20th March But really though, I’m not sad because this last month has been a real eye opener. The fact that so many events and discussions took place – with the all important aspect of participation via […]

Great Expectations The Collectors Come to Hashtag Class

The Collectors     Oh what fun I had – this was one of those discussions that on the face of it seemed to be one I would listen to later, but increasingly as this Hashtag Class project has taken shape I find I really wanted to be ‘right here right now’. Still I had […]

The Critics Come to Hashtag Class

The Critic’s Panel Please join Martha Schweneder, Jonathan T.D. Neil, Thomas Micchelli, and Christian Viveros-Faune to discuss the role of art criticism in relation to the art market.  We hope our central thesis “Art is luxury commodity for the wealthy that limits access to ownership, understanding, and participation…”  will function more as a question and […]

Hashtag Class; Balloon Burst with Man Bartlett

Bubble Nation! Magda Sawon Happy Gallerina Man Bartlett’s Balloon Burst The third week in and there are so many good and different strands to the #class project – too many to do justice as they actually happen (I mean around the same time here) not literally blogging as they happen – multitasking way a step […]

Class, Artist An Xiao; Art and The Straight White Male

  Boo Hoo! ….a brief note on streaming/recording….. Ok my attempts at recording the stream are proving a bit gremliny – well worse than that – An Xiao’s event this Saturday which I set to record had in total a whole 35 minutes of interrupted stream, virtually half – I have listened to it again […]

Still More Hashtag Class……Nic Rad’s Celebritist Manifesto: live

    But first a note on the streaming from #class   I was gutted to find that I was going to miss An Xiao’s discussion; Art and The Straight White Male (see #class blog) tonight cos of a birthday dinner 5 hour + UK time. Really, really, really would have liked to have heard […]

More!….Hashtag Class Adventures

    So far the past week has seen a whole tableau of stuff emerge at the Winkleman Gallery – I commented in my previous blog on the general to-ings and fro-ings. I was though, a wee bit preoccupied, if you like with my own contribution last Sunday afternoon/evening (depending where you were). Over the […]

Its All About The Class

Hashtag Class     I have been twittering and face booking this event over the past week ; it being the Hashtag Class Project which has been organised by New York Artists Jennifer Dalton and William Powhida in the Gallery owned by Ed Winkleman They have effectively gathered artists from all over, mainly through the […]