Hello and welcome!
Before you start…I’d like to talk you through a couple of ideas that may help in your experience of Art Made Clear.

Looking at art itself is a thoughtful process…. I would therefore recommend you approach these videos with a similar mind set.

Take your time! there will be detail that you wish to absorb and in order to do so, taking in smaller amounts may help. And if you are one who can absorb quickly then go ahead ! Alternatively, let it wash over you and revisit the detail. Whichever works best for you.

However the idea leaving the video…like putting a book down…of letting the information and art settle, while at the same time having your own thoughts about them is the way I would suggest.

There’s also recommended reading and viewing listed for each video. 
I have kept these to a minimum and are of the best sources.
These are meant as a starting point.
As I’m sure your own inquisitive journey will begin to take shape! 

And please don’t forget I am here, for any additional help or questions that you may have.

Welcome to Art Made Clear ! I genuinely hope your journey is as rewarding and fascinating, as I found making it!